This is a collection of work produced over the years for for various exhibitions and art galleries. The work mainly consists of exhibitions catalogues and flyers.

Lazogas – Papaspirou
Invitations and catalogue for a cooperative exhibitions between long established artists George Lazogas and Rena Papaspirou. The catalogue is design to be read one containing the work of one artist and the other way for the work of the second artist, so is essentially has 2 covers and no back cover.


Newcomer artist Perrakis had his first exhibitions back in 2001 and a 94 page monochrome (16 red, 78 black) catalogue was designed and produced to acompany and support his first show.


David Carson
While at the pick of his super stardom, notorious no-show graphic designer David Carson decided to visit Greece and have an exhibition. A 64 page, full colored catalogues curated and written by architect and professor of art history Thanasis Moutsopoulos. Keeping up with his rep mr. Carson never showed up.


David Cambel
David Cambel visited Greece to exhibit his performance art pieces in 2001 and this is the catalogue the was design and produced to commemorate that visit.

POP Alokoto
Artwork and flyers for art exhibition on pop culture of the weird kind.


Flyer and three fold brochure for an children benefit art bazaar.